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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Organise With Tiscali

IS YOUR kitchen often in a state of disarray with trays, baskets and chopping boards left in the sink, and everywhere else? Do you need help organising your kitchen utensils without burning a here in your pocket?

If so, then you need a new Tiscali multipurpose stainless steel sink.

Tiscali is proud to present three new stainless steel sinks: the Bangke, EFA and EPA.

Now, you can have proper storage space for everything you need around the sink, for a neat and tidy kitchen.

The Bangke and EFA sinks come with a unique surface that is oil-stain-free, easy to clean and has high scratch resistance.

The Bangke sink also comes with accessories such as a hanging basket, water filter, defrost board, chopping board and double-layer drainage to ensure a less chaotic environment in the kitchen.

Besides sinks, Tiscali also offers a wide range of cooker hoods and gas stoves.


Staying Cool All Year Round

IT doesn't matter what type of house you live in, indoor heat is becoming unbearable.

Is there a way to keep your house cooler? Yes indeed! Home Comfort Cellulose Fibre Insulation (CFI) is your ultimate solution to curb indoor heat.

With more than 60 years of proven track record, this insulation helps lower your home utility bills, extend the life of your cooling equipment and of course, create a more comfortable home.

A well insulated home can help you save up to 40% on power costs. However, home-owners should be more careful when choosing insulation. Besides having high insulating qualities, a good insulation has to be environmentally safe, non-irritant, nontoxic, noise absorbent and resistant to flames, mildews, pests and vermin.

Home Comfort CFI is made of lightweight material and is easily installed in every corner of your home and hard-to-reach roof corners - providing an effective "blanket cover" without gaps. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee!


Perfection From The Start

LUMBER Mart is an all-round timber flooring expert.

Its primary objective is to address all aspects of timber flooring right from the sourcing of the wood to customised installation.

The emphasis is on providing a one-stop solution to cater to varied timber flooring requirements.

Lumber Mart believes in offering an integrated approach that includes a process that achieves high quality standards: sourcing for the finest wood available, precision manufacturing, varied installation techniques as well as post installation maintenance.

Lumber Mart has an exclusive collaboration with Bcna, the world's leading manufacturer of sanding equipment and floor finishes.

This ensures first access to the latest tools and equipment as well as the benefit of continuous R&D and technical training.


Safe And Secure Environment

HAVING an automatic gate system saves you the trouble of opening the gate, especially when it's raining. But are you getting the best?

Tired of getting out of the car to open your front gate when you reach home?

Behold the latest state-of-the-art automatic gate system - the WM LIFT II Swing Gate Mechanism, which uses electronic control and is as silent as ever. Mounted above the ground, the system is water and corrosion resistant, and halts the moment it detects an obstacle - especially important for households with small kids.

The WM LIFT II comes with a four-channel transmitter so you can open either or both sides of your gate. It comes with an optional wireless panic alarm too.

For a limited period only West Mark Alarm & Automation Sdn Bhd is offering a FREE wireless panic alarm for every automatic swing gate purchased.

The transmitter's safety feature Prevents duplication by locksmiths and can be activated from the car. West Mark also specialises in sliding gates, burglar alarms, boom gates, card access system, CCTV, wrought iron gates, grilles, staircases and balustrades.


Hot Water At All Times

MATAHARI Solar Hot Water Systems is a locally manufactured hot water system that is designed to absorb heat and produce hot water anytime, anywhere.

Matahari’s hot water system is a unique product that enhances the quality of life for you, your family and businesses. It's reliable, affordable and convenient for all to use.

Matahari's primary expertise is in the extensive research and development of the product.

It has come up with a hot water system that specifically caters to the demands of the public, be it at home or at work.

Its aim is to equip homes and businesses with clean, hot water sourced from the sun.

Matahari delivers convenience and comfort to consumers who require hassle-free access to hot water on-demand.

With leading-edge technology incorporated in this product, Matahari's Solar Hot Water Systems guarantee value-for-money products.


Stylish Themes

Customers will be captivated by the elegant designs of the White series.

Choose from the Classical, White or Bakers series

THE long awaited White and Bakers series are here - only at Fella Design's Jalan Ampang branch. The newly opened outlet along Jalan Ampang offers the latest furniture designs - Classical, White and Bakers series.

The White and Bakers series are made from beach wood and tropical wood carved into sophisticated bedroom, living room and dining furniture. However, the White and Bakers series are only available at Fella Design's Jalan Ampang branch.

Customers will be spoilt for choice at Fella Design as they provide a wide range of quality fabrics imported from China, Indonesia, Philippines and others. With over 1200 Tessitura and 600 Jacquard fabric designs to choose from, customers are able to handpick their choice of fabric to adorn their custom-made sofa.

Planning to change the colour of your curtains? Fella Design's curtain package will be perfect! Each package includes an option of an aluminium curtain track or a single wooden rod. It also comes with on-site measurement and installation services.

Fella Design is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Malaysia with 20 years of retail experience under its belt. All of its products are of export quality, successfully exported to places such as the Middle East, Australia and other Asian countries.

There's so much to see at Fella Design - floral sofas, armchairs, wing chairs, dining tables, chandeliers, wall lights and even oil paintings!

The White series dining furniture.


The Making Of Grand Entrances

FOR a comprehensive range of aluminium doors and windows, look no further than Mirage Home. Offering advanced German technology on its systems, customers can rest assured of quality.

Its range includes the Roto and Shuco from Germany for side-hung, sliding and folding doors, as well as bay, top-hung, 90 degrees fixed, slideup and curved glass windows.

All its fittings and accessories are fully imported, and homeowners don't have to worry about security as there is a special designed multi-locking system.

Mirage Home also offers warranties: 20 years for paint, five to 10 years for fitting and accessories. Its doors and windows have a natural teak impression that will blend nicely into your Balinese or tropical-inspired home.

The two types of coating provided (wood coat and special powder coat) makes the doors and windows suitable for all interior concepts, be it modern, millennium or contemporary.

The two-layer wood coat imposes a wood grain finishing on aluminium parts with the use of Italian technology. The folding doors feature the company's heavy-duty rollers, door hinges and concealed locks