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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Turning 10 In Star Studded Fasion

Celebrity models show off MNG's latest collection during anniversary celebration

CAMERAS flashed and heads turned as the crowd marveiled at the models, including Amber Chia, sashaying down the catwalk all decked, out in clothes and accessories from MNG’s spring/Summer 2007 Collection.

MNG (also known as Mango), the well-known Spanish fashion label for young, urban women, recently held its 1Oth anniversary celebration at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, which featured a fashion show of its latest collection.

The hotel's grand ballroom was turned into a fashion catwalk for the night, complete with stylish backdrop and upbeat music, as emcee Serena C gave an introduction to what MNG's Spring/Summer 2007 Collection had to offer.

The collection includes eight key trends - Style Council, Sporty Deluxe, Jane Birkin, Basquiat, Bauhaus, Sweetness of Life, The Artist Muse and Minimal Ethnic - each with its own inspiration, colour palette and fabrics.

Style Council takes its inspiration from the 60s updated in a sophisticated urban look, with flared mini-dresses as the key element.

Clothes from The Artist Muse are likened to blank canvases decorated with strong brush strokes with a vaguely 50s silhouette, while Sporty Deluxe's fashionwear take references from 80s sportswear, mixed with the pure lines of the 60s.

The urban, minimalist look of Minimal Ethnic is inspired by trips to Africa, where linen and cotton clothes are enriched with abstract animal prints or subtle ethnic patterns.

Sweetness of Life provides a breath of flesh air in the heat of summer, with naive prints in shades of apple green combined with garments in white and cocoa.

Basquiat derives its style by fusing together influences like New Wave, hip hop and early 80s art scene, as well as the trend towards sportswear, as shown at the New York catwalk shows for spring/summer 2007.

Russian constructivism and the Bauhaus movement (an influential element in Modernist architecture) have been used as a source of inspiration for the Bauhaus trend, which has a mix of masculine and feminine looks.

Jane Birkin is a collection named after Jane Birkin, a style icon and muse of the 60s and 70s. The main colour option for this trend are flame red and white, while crochet adds a hippy edge to the more structured 60s look.

The celebration also featured several celebrities modelling clothes and accessories from MNG, including Marion Caunter, Celina Khor, Daphne lking, Elaine Daly, Jojo Struys, Carmen Soo, Jaclyn Victor, Miss Malaysia/World 2006 Adeline Choo and Miss Malaysia/World 2005 Emmeline Ng.

More information about Adeline Choo

"Hitting the 10th-year mark is an achievement for any retail brand in today's competitive scene, but to stay on top of our peers as well as to remain the trendsetter is an amazing feat," said MNG division denior vice president for Asia, Australia and Oceania Ivy Lee.

"We are also happy to announce that this is also a year of celebration for the Mango brand worldwide as we hit our 1,000th store mark two months ago.

"We see every step as a challenge to set higher goals and that's the reason we are still keeping with the aggressive rhythm of opening more than 120 stores every year."

Star-studded: MNG division senior vice-president for Asia, Australia and Oceania Ivy Lee (sixth from right) with the celebrity models and event's emcee, who are all decked out in MNG clothes and accessories. The celebrities are (from right) Marion Caunter, Celina Khor, Daphne Iking, Adeline Choo, Amber Chia, Emmeline Ng, Jaclyn Victor, Carmen Soo, Jojo Struys, Elaine Daly and Serena C.

Animal and patterns: Models striking a pose in garments from MNG's Minimal Ethnic collection.

1.Striking: Amber Chia sashaying down the catwalk in a dress and bag from MNG's Sporty Deluxe collection.
2.Shine out among the crowed: There is nothing monotonous about these grey, silver and white combinations from MNG's Spring/Summer 07 Collection.



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