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Monday, May 21, 2007

Style In Brief

>>The long and short of it: Take your pick of longer shorts from the philosophy-Men Short Circuit collection.

Look hot in shorts no matter what the occasion.

SHORTS are cutting a stride in style this season, with a panache not seen since bicycle shorts turned the wheels of fashion fast and furious.

And not a moment too soon.

With the mercury testing new heights daily and global climate change hogging the headlines, the look is a shortcut to relief from the heat and damp.

But then again some of you guys might say you wouldn't be caught dead in shorts, It's not very flattering with flabby, skinny, knock kneed or bow-legged limbs, you protest? Or it could be that you like to look debonair and stylish and shorts are just too casual-looking, perhaps?

Well, this bow-legged writer says comfort beats out making an impression. Besides, it's all about how you carry yourself, isn't it?

What's more, if you want style and sophistication, there's quite a few designs out there. Label lovers can take their pick from designers who have gotten into the shorts thing this season.

Among local brands, look no further than philosophy-Men with their collection called Short Circuit. There's a pair for every bloke, insists the brand's co-founder Allan Chan. The collection features streamlined shapes, cut lean and low, of all lengths.

"The key to beating the scorching heat in shorts, and in style, is in the cut, colour and cloth. They come in heavyweight natural fabrics as we believe men do not want yards of light, shiny fabric flapping around their legs."

He suggests navy for smart engagements, or khaki or beige for day-to-day. For the urban smart look, pair shorts with a striped button-down shirt or light knitted vest, leather belt and soft leather shoes.

There's nothing wrong with looking casual, as long as the shorts and tees are not dirty and unkempt.

"Always buy shorts an inch too big (for waist size) and wear them looser and lower on the hip for a contemporary fit" is Chan's final tip.

Seed has also gone with the trend, with the 1980s and preppy look.

Look like a smart campus jock in a blazer and striped cotton Oxford shirt matched with denim shorts. Or go fur gym shorts that are, erm, short.

Jackets are really the way to go with shorts, this season, for a look that's more formal but yet not so uptight. You can match a denim or biker jacket with sporty cotton shorts if you really want to look casual. Or opt for shorts with a matching suit jacket and gold sneakers.

You can also go High Street. Topman has shorts in stylish finely striped cotton. Or get hip and funky in lime-green bermudas paired with a white single (a Topman one that is, not a Pagoda top) and along-sleeved mesh design with plunging V-neck.

There's also tile option for tile part-skater, part-surf look with print board shorts matched with shocking pink tee.

But you can always go for the surfer/beach look (never mind if you're stuck on urban turf ) by checking out Reef's offerings. They have twill board shorts and walking shorts in ethnic prints, destination- inspired graphics and floral prints. With the right shades you don't even need a pair of skates or a surfing board, dude. Cowabunga!

If you have the moolah, there's always the designer option. If you're young (rich goes without saying) and love to while the day away at cool cafes, then Gucci has some chic choices.

There's the turn-up pair with built-in fabric belt matched with rocker vest, Or try on for size the tight-tight teeny-weeny suede pants that you can match with just about anything and still come out looking hot.

For slightly older guys, Valentino can't be beaten. Try the grey turn-up cotton shorts with tight tank and croco-leather jacket. Or opt for the white cotton shorts - stylish yet casual - worn with a tie-dye shirt.

And yeah, we know you sophisticated guys like to hang out at the beach. One could swear the striped rainbow print on Paul Smith's drawstring shorts debuted on a shirt design seasons back. But hey, it still looks good. But to be really nautically inspired, try on his ship blueprint drawstring shorts.

To cut a long story short, pictures speak best for themselves, as you see. For sure, shorts are not just for Boy Scouts this season.

>>Smart: Seed’s matching jacket and shorts.

>>Bare essentials: Turn-up shorts with built-in fabric belt worn with rocker vest from Gucci.

>>Cool cat: Turn-up cotton shorts matched with tight tank and croco-leather jacket from Valentino.

>>Colourful: Board shorts from Reef.



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