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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Rejuvenating Your Dry Skin

IMMERSE yourself in Surmer, a new dimension in cosmetic skin care targeting the dry, dull and moisture-deficient skin. Surmer from the house of Isabelle Lancray, Paris, combines natural plant based active ingredients and scientific based technology to make your skin feel good.

The unique secret is called Nanopearls, which uses breakthrough award-winning technology Cutanova Nanorepair Q10, Nanovital Q10 and Serum Nanorepair Q10. Nanopearls became the Most Innovative European Cosmetic Products in 2005/2006. Minute Nanopearls are novel active substance reservoirs and are currently the smallest patented carrier system for the natural, exotic, yet traditional South Pacific plant-derived raw materials that are used in Surmer products.

For the first time ever, it is possible to effectively transport precious fat-soluble active ingredients into the skin. Dry skin can now be re-moisturized and subsequently toned and be more elastic. With nature's secrets in tow, Surmer brings to you its complete range for your skin's daily well-being experience:

1. Surmer Soft Moisturizing Cream Nano - Protection (RM268) is an intensive day and night moisturizing cream for everyday use and is a protective shield for dry skin. An extract from the Polynesian noni plant, it is high in antioxidant and has immunestabilizing properties; it strengthens the skin's own defences, reducing susceptibility to irritation. This cream basically helps your skin to help itself.

2. Surmer Rich Restoring Cream Nano – Restructuring (RM288) is a concentrated day and night cream that targets at the restructure of dry skin. Another plant extract from Tahiti – Tamanol, is a traditional beauty product that stimulates collagen synthesis, promoting long-lasting wrinkle reduction.

3. Surmer Beauty Elixir Nano - Vitalising (RM248) is a serum that when combined with the appropriate cream, is an extra protective shield for dry skin during the day. At night, it continues to promote the skin regeneration process.

4. Surmer Rich Creamy Mask Nano - Moisturizing (RMI68) is a concentrated creamy mask containing Tamanol, making it the perfect supplementary skin care product for enhancing the restructuring of moisture-deficient skin. Recommended for use two to three times a week,a good tip would be to leave it on overnight to increase its effect.



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