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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Personal Touch

TAKE time to sit along the aisle of all the fashion runways in Paris, Milan, London and New York, and you will notice one similarity - models wearing a lot of accessorises.

From the olden days of the ancient Chinese civilisation where beautiful maiden girls wore dangly jade headpieces and necklaces, to the centuries old Mayan tribes where skeletons and animal bones were strewn together as trophy frills worn by warriors, accessories have always remain an element that enhances a person's appearance and charisma.

With gradual evolvement and advancement of the human culture, accessorising has become a way of life.

Be It If one were to go for a stroll at the mall, or a trip to a fancy restaurant or even a close friend's wedding dinner, girls (and women) take necklaces, bracelets and other dazzling trimmings seriously.

Females nowadays want to feel special, they don't want to be spotted wearing the same dress (analogous to what you see among celebrities in gossip magazines), and neither do they want to be

seen wearing the same necklace or bracelet worn by another fashion compatriot.

Hence, accessories are now converging towards unique, one-and-only handcrafted designs that won't hurt the purse too much. Throw in the element of customisation and personalisation to the wearer's preference - and girls just love it!

Say hi to Beadazzle & Co – a business that is committed to giving fashion-conscious accessories like no other.

From the zany colours of bright saffron to the deep soulful tones of midnight ash, Beadazzle &. Co's designs are eye-catching and avant-garde. With strong emphasis on the use of semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and swarovski crystals, their designs are the epitome of practical beauty.

With most pieces giving the wearer a versatile look - for the right occasion, mixing and matching with various outfits is easier than ever.

"For example, a chic necklace worn to work can easily be converted to an alluring piece fit for a gala event later in the evening – by attaching an 'add-on' pendant drop," said Margaret Choy, resident Creative Director of Beadazzle & Co.

Beadazzle &, Co also carries a limited edition interchangeable bracelet-necklace range. Depending on one's mood, the bracelet can alternatively be worn as a necklace.

They also design and conduct bead jewellery designing courses for beading enthusiasts.



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