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Monday, May 7, 2007

One Stop Centre

LOOKING for a professional beauty salon in Shah Alam? Look no further because Celebrity Beaute is your one stop beauty centre. Celebrity Beaute is designed with a cosy ambience to ensure absolute relaxation and is well equipped with one of the latest skin and body slimming therapies today.

As we age, so does our skin. That is why women in their 30s or 40s generally develop various skin problems. However, with the help of Celebrity Beaute's intensive therapies, women can worry less from now on.

Introducing Celebrity Beaute's latest therapy - Rides Relax Meso TDES. Women in their 50s generally go through menopause and hormonal changes, which plays a part in the skin aging process.

Nonetheless, with Rides Relax Meso TDES therapy, the skin will look more rejuvenated, is firmer, has lighter tone, and fine lines is reduced.

The Meso TDES is a therapy that doesn't use injections. It's a new method that causes the aperture of 'pores' or intercellular canals and may constitute non-invasive alternative tissue or cell damage. It also comes with Crystal Microdermabrasions that help thins the Stratum Corneum for better delivery of any substances.

Celebrity Beaute is celebrating its 13th Anniversary and wants to share its joy by offering you a special first trial of Rides Relax Meso TDES therapy for only RMI99 (normal price: RM480). This promotion is valid from now until June 14 this year.

What's more, you will receive a complimentary PAYOT skincare trial pack when you sign up for the promotion.

Before and after: Rides Relax Meso TDES therapy helps the skin look younger.



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