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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

No Surgery Required

WHAT are you most concerned about when it comes to your face? Do you feel you have lines, wrinkles, and bags under your eyes? Maybe there are signs of droopy cheeks or lost facial firmness?

Look younger naturally

If you are one of the millions who prefer natural anti-ageing strategies to surgery, your wish is granted with the TUA VIS0 micro-current non-surgical facelift machine for home use. TUA VISO is the first handhold non-surgical facelift uniquely designed and manufactured in Italy to target the less-used muscles in your face. It helps lift and smoothen wrinkles, giving you a younger-looking face naturally in only two weeks. It is the perfect alternative to costly and invasive cosmetic procedures such as surgery and botox.

TUA VISO works on the concept of electro-stimulation, which is specific for delicate facial muscles. These waves induce precise muscular exercises without provoking any unpleasant pain, and you can actually feel your facial muscles contracting in a synchronised rhythm. A pleasant process that relaxes, it also helps lift, firm, and erase years from your face.

It complies with stringent international safety standards. Electronic muscle stimulators have been used in salons, hospitals and clinics for over 40 years.

Forgo botox and plastic surgery, because you risk the result of a botched plastic surgery job and perhaps even eyebrows that appear to be unnaturally higher than before.

Tested and proven results in 10 days

TUA VISO has stood up under some extremely rigorous scientific testing. An independent trial conducted by Bologna University in Italy proved visible facial lift and redefinition after using TUA VISO for only 10 days. Easy to use with no special equipment involved, it comes with everything you need to get started. It operates on a simple 9V battery included in the kit, so the only extra thing you'll need is a little water and you're ready to go.

TUA VISO can be used every day if you wish quicker and better results, It'll be thrilling to see your face transform to a younger image of you right before your very eyes. Now, you can get your TUA VISO at a promotional price for a limited time only.

Beauty Impress exclusively distributes TUA VISO in Malaysia. It is also available at Caring Pharmacy, Farmasi Vitacare, Revive Pharmacy, Alpro Pharmacy, Health Lane Pharmacy, MedSense Farmasi and Star Care Pharmacy.

Wipe away: TUA VISO is the first handheld non-surgical facelift



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