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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Look Younger Instantly

POWER 3nity Lift and Power 02 Lift have had clinical studies done in the United States and claim to have a regenerative effect that increases local metabolism of skin and muscle tissue, resulting in a corrective and preventative anti-aging treatment.

Power 3nity Lift and Power 02 Lift strengthen the skin and muscle by increasing the production of collagen, elastin and muscle fibers through an increased cell metabolic rate.

The skin and muscles are strengthened to resist gravity pull and environmental stress. This way, the signs of aging are effectively reduced and slowed down.

Power 3nity Lift and Power 02 Lift are safe and non-invasive treatments and do not use any laser or light therapy, vaccinations or fillers. Instead, Power 3nity Lift and Power 02 Lift use a healing current that increases the collagen and elasticity of the skin and muscle fibers.

This method is used in the burn and muscle-healing units in hospitals because of its ability to build healthy tissues.

Power 3nity Lift consists of six therapies in one treatment, The first is the Skin Refining therapy which helps in refining the texture of the skin, thus erasing and reducing fine lines. The second therapy boosts oxygen and blood circulation, thus creating brighter skin.

The third and fourth therapies lift and firm the muscles of the eye, face and neck, so the muscles are able to better resist gravity pull.

The fifth therapy is Deep Lymph Drainage therapy which can reduce pigmentation and scars in the safest, natural way.

The sixth and final therapy is a Firming and Cell Regenerating Therapy which help increase skin firmness and reduce deep pit scars, bringing skin to a new level of youthfulness.

Power 3nity Lift uses the Perfector UK Facelift machine that has been tested by doctors and skin dermatologists.

According to Aloha Yantunen, M.D.: "We have had dramatic results with the therapy when it comes to sun damage, Sunspots fade and the skin improves tremendously. Overall skin looks fresh and healthier."

Allan Han, M.D further noted: "As a plastic surgeon, I have had excellent results in using it as a non-surgical alternative as it is able to reduce scarring and improve healing."

According to Ms Shirley Lira, a 44-year-old who has undergone the therapy, Power 3nity Lift has the ability to restore the youthfulness of her skin and lift muscle tone.

She feels the treatment is relaxing and is satisfied with the results. She was pleasantly surprised to see improvement on the very first treatment.

Perfector Power 02 Lift and Power 3nity Lift Therapy help bridge the gap between cosmetic surgery and cosmetic products. Have a power lift at EMMA LIZS for a safe and long lasting result. Get a start on your "youthfulness" experience today.

The trial offer for Power 3nity Lift and Power 02 Lift are at RM288 (usual price RM800) and RMI88 (usual price RM499) respectively.

Before & After: Shirley Lim, 44, is satisfied with the Power 3nity Lift treatment



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