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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Body Beautiful

We've been using anti-aging products on our faces for years, but what about our bodies?

REMEMBER the original cast of the TV show, Charlie's Angels; Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson? These women, all in their late 50s and early 60s, look like women half their ages. What's their secret to a smooth décolleté, bat wing-free arms and a trim waist? Although no doubt a little nip-tuck has had a hand in this preservation, it does highlight a growing interest in age-defying therapies for the body.

Usually, the first areas to divulge one's chronological age are the décolleté, hips, thighs and tummies due to sun exposure, pregnancy and natural aging of the skin.

If you are concerned, remember this: it's never too late. You can now find an exclusive combination of home care and spa care therapies to perk, tighten, smooth and tone bodily areas back to its heyday.

The Miracle Three: BEAUBELLE Body Elixir Essences (B.E.E)

Stimulated by high levels of energy, the body elixir essences are blended with potent age-defying properties designed to aggressively attack signs of time while pampering the privileged complexion.

The three Body Elixir Essences are formulated from the finest botanical extracts, tested for safety and carefully selected for their ability to deliver superior results through aromatherapy healing. Essences infused with essential oils allow penetration into the deeper layers of the skin where cell regeneration happens.

In addition to their topical benefits, essential oils have a secondary effect that's just as vital to a healthy complexion as cell revival and circulation. Inhaling the aromatic scent of essential oils soothes the central nervous system to help reduce stress, deepen sleep and ease anxiety.

Our skin is an organ that is affected by our emotional well-being. Stress triggers a cascade of events that can decrease nutrient delivery to the cells and contribute to inflammatory response that deepens fine lines.

Essential oils work not just physiologically, but also emotionally to bring down stress levels. Besides it's nurturing and repairing properties, aromatic nature based extracts complement the skin's self-healing process by balancing our psyche.

As the demand for alternative methods to reinvigorate the mind is fast becoming a priority, the three essences give you just that.

BEAUBELLE went deep into the Earth to uncover the power of crystal healing, specifically, the energy generating power of the Clear Quartz Crystal. In every bottle sits a Quartz crystal that boosts the Body Elixir Essences with high levels of energy! By radiating high frequency vibrations, the generated life force of the crystal transforms and energises the ingredients to more potent heights.

With the essences powered-up, the effectiveness on the skin of your body is enhanced tremendously!

It's good to know that the skin is most receptive to repair at night. Hence, applied nightly, this age-defying formula helps intensify the skin's natural healing process. A home care regimen for 24-hour body skin protection, the BEAUBELLE Body Elixir Essences will take you a step closer to having smoother, softer skin. And the beauty of it all - it takes just 60 seconds for a body humming with good health and buzzing with radiance.

BEAUBELLE Body Elixir Essences contains properties to fight againg.



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