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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bamboo Power

BEYOND Beauty is a beauty and total wellness centre with focus on body slimming, face care and spa for modern Asian women.

Incorporated in December 2003, its operations have been ongoing since March 2004. The "slimming spa" concept combines high technology slimming therapy with pampering spa treatments so that slimming sessions are truly enjoyable!

Beyond Beauty's concept constantly evolves so that modern woman can achieve lifelong sustenance of beauty through her lifestyle.

Beyond Beauty's Signature Cellulite Treatment

It is a misconception that only Overweight people suffer cellulite problems. Cellulite is predetermined by genetics so even thin woman can develop cellulite. Other contributing factors include hormonal changes, pregnancy, aging and even improper diet.

Known in the medical community as localised lipodystrophy, or misshapen fat in one or several specific areas of the body, cellulites are fatty deposits that form uneven, wrinkled and dimply skin

which are usually found on hips, thighs and buttocks. Basically, three elements of fats, waste and toxin form cellulite.

One of the ways to reduce cellulites is by using "silicium" - which is a natural active ingredient found in bamboo. It is able to effectively firm skin and reduce the appearance of cellulites.

Beyond Beauty offers two types of bamboo treatments - The Bamboo Healing Spa and The Bamboo Body Shaping Therapy.

The Bamboo Body Shaping Therapy

The Bamboo Body Shaping Therapy uses tropical bamboo rolling in rhythmic wave movements to aid in breaking down fatty deposits under the skin and firming flabby areas under the arms, thighs and waistline.

This therapy kicks off with a body heat aroma detoxifying session to purify file body system. Sea salt scrub removes dead skin cells for better penetration of anti cellulite shaping oil. Lastly, the body-contouring wrap restores the newly shaped figure.

The Bamboo Healing Spa

This treatment is usually done after you have completed the Bamboo Body Shaping Therapy. After sea salt scrub is used to remove dead skin cells to promote skin oxygenating levels, a nourishing body mud is used to replenish moisture and hydrate the skin.

Lastly, a bamboo relaxing massage helps soothe all body aches, promising to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Currently, there's an exclusive trial promotion for the Bamboo Shaping Therapy. Get the Buy-One-Spot-Trim, Free-One-Spot-Trim at only RM49.90. Make an appointment at Beyond Beauty today.



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